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The Carpet One Story

Carpet One is a cooperative of more than 1000 flooring retailers nationwide.  Only the very best retailers are selected for membership in Carpet One.  We purchase as a group and we market as a group.  As the largest flooring retail group in the world, our buyers can negotiate the best prices and the best warranties from our manufacturers.  In fact, Carpet One warranties, which are backed by the manufacturers, actually exceed the warranties manufacturers offer on their own products.  Because of our size, many of our products are made exclusively for Carpet One.  What is really unique about Carpet One is that despite our size, each store is locally owned and operated, many family owned and operated.  You have the benefits achieved through size but the service and caring of a neighbor. In addition to the stores in the United States, there are Carpet One stores in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. During 2020, Carpet One will be celebrating its 40th Anniversary.

What is a Cooperative?

Even though there are almost 50,000 cooperatives operating in the United States, most Americans know very little about them. In schools, a great deal of time is spent on business structures such as corporations, partnerships, and individual proprietorships but only a paragraph or two is given to cooperatives.

The concept is really simple. Usually, a group of similar businesses join together to form a cooperative. Now instead of the businesses buying products from suppliers as individual companies, they buy as a much larger group. Instead of buying business services as individual companies, they buy as a group. Buying goods and services as a cooperative allows the individual companies to be competitive with large companies.

So why is supporting a co-op beneficial to the consumers? Most of these individual companies are locally owned and the majority of them are family owned and operated. That means you are treated as the friend and neighbor that you are, the personalized service that only a family business can give. These local companies are the ones that provide jobs for your friends, neighbors, and relatives. And very important, the profits made by these local companies are plowed back into your community and not shipped off to corporate offices in New York or Chicago.

The cooperative of which Carpet One is a part, CCA Global Partners, is the largest retail flooring entity in the world. This gives us tremendous buying power. We are partnered with every major flooring manufacturer in America as well as most of the major service providers. Because of our size, many manufacturers make products exclusively for Carpet One. All of our Carpet One products are covered by enhanced warranties. That means that Carpet One product warranties are stronger than manufacturers offer on their own products. CCA Global Partners has been listed as one of the best cooperatives year after year.

2012 has been designated as the Year of the Co-op. Take a moment and watch the Choose A Coop video.


What's a Cooperative... Really?  

Here are some interesting statistics. 1500 Americans were surveyed and only 12% of them really knew what a cooperative is. The second statistic was more interesting. Once those surveyed were told what a cooperative was, 78% said they would prefer to buy from a cooperative than a big box store. Hey, Y'all. Guess what? We're a Cooperative. We're Carpet One.

Okay, so what is a cooperative and why is it good for you, the customer? A cooperative is a business form just as a corporation, a partnership, or a sole proprietor is. It is really a simple business form.

A cooperative is group of similar businesses, usually locally owned and operated and many times Mom and Pop companies, who own the company to which they belong? The cooperative. Why would a cooperative be good for the consumer? We buy our products from the manufacturers as a group at prices just as good as the biggest of the big box stores. We buy our supplies and services such as phone service, office supplies, waste removal, freight, financing, etc. as a group. We are able to negotiate with our manufacturers for warranties that are superior to those offered by the big box stores and even those offered by the manufacturers on their own products. What's the bottom line? The big boxes make all kinds of wild offers but when you add up all their extra charges and you compare their final price to ours, you will find our price is just as low, if not lower than the big box store.

Now you ask, if the price is about the same, what difference does it make if I buy from the big box or the cooperative? First is the personal service you receive from a locally owned and operated store. Our flooring consultants are far better trained than those at the big box stores. Most of them do not know even know the basics such as the difference between nylon, polyester, or olefin. It's not their fault. Last week they were selling paint. Our consultants are professionals. Here are the big differences between a cooperative and the big box stores. Being locally owned, we are the ones who are hiring your friends, relatives and neighbors and our profits are being plowed back into our community instead of being sent to New York or Chicago.

Cooperatives have a unique advantage of having ideas not from just a few upper management people but from hundreds of business people. Carpet One's Beautiful Guarantee is a perfect example: If you don't love your new Carpet One floor or carpet, we'll replace it FREE including installation. Only Carpet One offers the Healthier Living Installation System that kills mold, mildew, dust mites, bacteria, and allergens.


You Have a Choice!

In recent years, the retail flooring industry has become extremely polarized. On one end are the large home centers and the large shop at home companies that saturate your TV screens with incredible installation offers. Most of those offers sound too good to be true and you know what they say about things that sound too good to be true. Even the most sophisticated consumer has to be impressed by the offers, Buy one room, get another room free; Buy two rooms and get your whole house free.

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