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Vinyl Flooring Showroom Baltimore Maryland
vinyl flooring showroom baltimore maryland

Vinyl Flooring is part of a family of floors called Resilient Floors. No other type of floor covering has the history nor has seen the changes that Resilient Flooring has. In the very early days, people called it “oil cloth” because it was flooring painted on to a canvas-like material with oil base paints.

Eventually the canvas-like material was replaced with a fiber type material called felt and the oil base paint was replaced by enamels. Eventually resilient flooring moved to a more durable product. It was made of oxidized linseed oil and put on to a similar felt backing. It was called Linoleum.

resilient flooring baltimore mdCertainly the best known name in Linoleum and resilient flooring is Armstrong. They made a pattern that many of our parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents had. It was a small red brick pattern #5352 and the story goes that if all the #5352 that was ever made was laid end to end, it would make a six foot wide path that would encircle the earth at the equator six times.

In the 1960’s, linoleum gave way to vinyl. Vinyl is a short name for polyvinylchloride, a plastic. Vinyl is less porous and much easier to care for. Essentially there were two types of vinyl floors. Inlaid vinyl consisted of colored vinyl granules that were used to create the design so that the color and pattern went all the way through to the backing. The other, RotoVinyl, had a very detailed picture printed onto a felt backing with chemically treated inks. A clear vinyl wearlayer was placed over top the picture and when it was “cooked,” the treated inks would cause the wearlayer to expand in some places and shrink in others resulting in perfect in registered embossing. Since inlaid vinyls could only be made in 6 foot widths, seams were required in almost every floor. As the quality and technology continued to improve in RotoVinyls and since it was made in 12 foot widths, inlaid vinyls have almost gone by the wayside.

vinyl floors baltimore maryland

In recent years there has been a huge resurgence of Resilient Floors. Patterns are so realistic, it is almost impossible to tell a resilient floor from the real thing.

What is the real thing about resilient floors is its durability and ease of maintenance.

Now new technology has come across the ocean once more and felt backings are being replaced with fiberglass backings. Glass back floors are leading the way now because of the comfort, durability, and flexibility they add.

Vinyl Tile has come equally as far. The looks of wood and ceramic/stone tile have been captured to perfection and has all the great advantages of a vinyl floor.

Just look at the floor to the left. It’s hard to believe it is a vinyl floor by Karndean.

Our Brands

earthscapes vinyl flooring baltimore mdEarthscapes is a fiberglass backed vinyl floor whose styles are unmatched in the industry. A Carpet One Exclusive, Earthscapes is manufactured in 13 foot 2 inch widths which virtually eliminates the need for seams in most rooms.

With more than 150 styles and colors, you are sure to find one that is the perfect floor for you. Earthscapes carries our Carpet One Warranties of Gold, Platinum, and Titanium.

armstrong vinyl flooring baltimore marylandFor more than 100 years, Armstrong is a name that has been synonymous with quality flooring whether it be linoleum, sheet vinyl, vinyl tile or all the sundry materials. When Armstrong says, "For every person, for every personality there is an Armstrong floor" it is true. The relationship between Armstrong and Carpet One has always been strong but grew even stronger this year. Armstrong has broken with a 100 year tradition of only selling their products through local wholesalers and now sells to Carpet One members on a direct basis.

At Arcade Floors Carpet One, we are proud that our relationship with Armstrong dates back 72 years. We were the first Armstrong Floor Fashion Center in the United States. We carry the complete line of Armstrong Resilient Flooring including their Fiberglass backed products… CushionStep. All levels of Carpet One warranties from Bronze to Titanium are available.

mannington vinyl floors baltimore marylandMannington is a very large family owned flooring manufacturer located in Salem, New Jersey. Knowing that is important because Mannington is the heart of that town. Almost everyone there is affected one way or another by Mannington and they are part of the company. There is this sense of pride in what they do and they want to do it better than anyone else. Sandy Mishkin, who was President of Carpet One at the time, once said of Mannington, “They are the company that loves to say ‘yes’”. Arcade Floors Carpet One proudly carries the entire line of Mannington Resilient Floors.

karndean vinyl flooring baltimore mdArcade Floors Carpet One Floor and Home of Baltimore, Maryland, is proud of its affiliation with one of the world's finest manufacturers of vinyl flooring. As one of their Premier Dealers here in Central Maryland, we offer and show the entire Karndean array of styles and components. Our installers are factory trained to provide our customers with floors of outstanding natural beauty.

vinyl floors baltimore mdEstablished since 1973, Karndean International is the leading global producer of design flooring. The home office is based in Evesham, UK with other offices in key locations worldwide. The international team helps bring together the very best and the most experience people in the industry, to offer award winning products and outstanding service.

With Karndean, beauty is much more than skin deep. Its durable construction makes it perfectly suitable for commercial installations. Many department stores around the nation and around the world feature Karndean floors in numerous high traffic departments.

verostone vinyl flooring baltimore md VeroStone, a Carpet One exclusive product made for us by Armstrong, looks so much like real stone, you cannot even tell by touching it and that is because it is 75% real stone. Not only is it available in the popular sizes of 16" X 16" and 12" X 24" but a beautiful modular pattern as well. VeroStone can be installed with or without grout lines. And the best part… it is very reasonably priced.

forbo vinyl flooring baltimore mdForbo Linoleum is the natural design floor that is available in a wide variety of colors and structures. But it is also available in different forms: The material is available in an inspiring 2 meter wide sheet selection. More decorative use can be achieved with the Marmoleum tile collection. Marmoleum Click also offers many combinations in an easy to install product with the well known Click-system.

Linoleum sheet
linoleum floors baltimore md
Within Linoleum sheet you will find inspiration from a balanced selection of colors of the newest Marmoleum products. The 2 meters wide natural product will help design your home.
Marmoleum click
marmoleum flooring baltimore md
Marmoleum Click is a product that laminates the original Marmoleum product on HDF panels and cork to create an easy to use natural product. It comes in panels approximately 12” X 36” . Panels and squares come in 21 beautiful colors that can be easily combined to create your own unique decorative floor.
Marmoleum tiles
marmoleum tiles baltimore md
Marmoleum tiles are available in 30 colors. The sizes are approximately 12” X 12” and 18” X 18” and give you great designer freedom to create your own unique look at home, especially when combined with decorative additional elements available in this natural product.

Carpet One Warranties

vinyl floor warranties baltimore maryland
120 day Beautiful Guarantee
25 year Wear through warranty
25 year Fade, Stain, & Discolor warranty
25 year Rip, Tear, Gouge, & Indent warranty
Life of the floor Installation warranty
vinyl floor warranties baltimore maryland
90 day Beautiful Guarantee
20 year Wear through warranty
20 year Fade, Stain & Discolor warranty
20 year Rip, Tear, Gouge & Indent warranty
Life of the floor Installation warranty
vinyl floor warranties baltimore maryland
60 day Beautiful Guarantee
15 year Wear through warranty
15 year Fade, Stain & Discolor warranty
15 year Rip, Tear, Gouge & Indent warranty
Life of the floor Installation warranty
vinyl floor warranties baltimore maryland
30 day Customer Satisfaction
(materials replacement)
10 year Wear through warranty
10 year Fade, Stain & Discolor warranty
10 year Rip, Tear, Gouge & Indent warranty
Life of the floor Installation warranty
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