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Customer Reviews

In March 2017 our family and company suffered a loss with the unexpected death of one our owners. In May 2017, our store came under new management with the fourth generation of the family. Below are our reviews under the new management. Please feel free to discuss any reviews or concerns you may have with us. We look forward to helping you with your next flooring purchase.

6/1/2017 I love my rugs! Korey and Shawn did a wonderful job. They look nice and we think our house is warmer! Hazel S

6/10/2017 We have used Arcades Flooring in the past. Fran helped me the last time, but Mark was just as good. This was a small job of just our basement steps. Mark didn’t make me feel like I was wasting his time even though I had only a little job. Thank you for showing me the stock carpet. It was so much cheaper and our steps are less treacherous. Thank you for the candy! Marianne H.T.

6/19/17 It was all good. Russell C.

6/25/17 No problems. Good job. Would use again Mike C

7/1/2017 Was referred to Arcade by neighbor. They had carpet put on their outdoor balcony. We thought it looked so nice, we went to the store and talked to the same person – Lee. We ordered the same carpet the neighbor did (different color) and now the ugly concrete is covered and our balcony is like an extension of the living room. Jill K.

7/14/2017 The first thing we did when we moved in was take up the awful carpet hoping to find perfect wood floors. They were in less than desirable condition. You did a wonderful job with the repairs of the bad pieces (I can’t even tell) and the sand and refinish job makes them look like they are brand new. Will certainly recommend. John M. H

8/1/2017 Arcade has a lovely store. Installation was ok. The crew looked a little rough around the edges though. They spoke to me and were polite but I was a little uneasy. Two hours later they said goodbye and one nodded, and left me with beautiful carpet. We are happy and will go back, but I only gave 4 stars because I was a little uneasy with the carpet men. Mrs. Joseph D.

8/23/2017 Everything was great except they were 2 hours late. Was supposed to be here 9-10 and they called at 8:30 to say they would arrive closer to 11 and still didn’t arrive till 11:20. They did finish the job in a few hours and it looks great. Would have been a 5 if on time arrival. Jim R

9/4/2017 Lee is wonderful. You should give him a raise! We came in your store 4X looking at hardwoods. It was a decision we had to live with for the rest of our lives, so we had to be sure. He never rushed us and he let us take samples home. Pat and a helper did the work. It took 4 days and I was impressed that every day before they left, they cleaned themselves up and left our home tidy. Also thank you for the candy jar. You run a classy place. Ron and Karen M.

9/5/2018 Went to Arcade, thought they were $$$, so we went to Home Depot. So long as you want Gray or Beige (and we did) Home Depot has it. By the time Home Depot added in all of their extra’s we were back to the Arcade Price, so we went back. Mark let us take samples home and sealed our deal with the Beautiful warranty. If the gray was too dark after we painted, I could get a lighter shade for free. We didn’t need it because it really was beautiful. Thank you for the gift bag. Husband ate all the chocolate. Would recommend. Bella V

9/18/2017 We really appreciate you people going out of your way. I thought I would pick out floor Monday and you would put it down Wednesday. I didn’t think about ordering and shipping. When they said three - four weeks, we were disappointed. Mark measured on Tuesday, confirmed it was available on Wednesday. The girl called us the following Friday to schedule. We couldn’t find dates that worked for us or them, then she called back and said she could do it tomorrow (Saturday) and not charge us for weekend labor. Scott arrived at 8:15 Saturday morning. He politely asked if he could stay past 4 and finish rather than coming back Sunday. He left at 6:30 and we had perfect laminate floors. Will always recommend. Feel free to send people to look at my floor for reference. Mary and Syd U

10/6/2017 I wasn’t so happy at first. My carpet was beautiful when Corey left. That weekend I vacuumed and it came right up in the corner. I called and left a message on the answering machine. Mike called me back by 915 on Monday. He said “things happen and I’m so sorry it happened to you. When would be a good time for Corey to come back and fix this?” I really appreciated that. They jumped right on the problem. Corey was back on Wednesday. He said he was sorry, he missed something. No one avoided responsibility or blamed anyone. They just fixed it. They gave me a jar of candy too. Nice company. I’ll use them again Marcella W

11/9/2017 We hired Arcade Carpet One to do a small, but intricate job in our foyer. I wanted tile, but I wanted it in a diamond pattern so it would be pretty as well as functional. Mark helped me pick it out and we looked at design layouts online. Patrick did the job and what a craftsman! It took him most of the day, but now I have artwork on the floor. Thank you for the surprise too. Dr & Mrs. Allen F

11/17/2017 Thank you for rushing my job. We puts our tree up the week before Thanksgiving. Mark called to let us know the carpet was in stock. The man that called to schedule told me, he could get us in as a second job of the day if it was okay for them to start at 2 PM. Heck Yeah! They were done by 6. We will be putting up our Christmas tree this weekend. Thank you and Merry Christmas to Arcade Floors and Carpets.

12/2/2017 My dishwasher overflowed. This company was recommended by my insurance company. I was happy with the shopping experience and the time table, at first. Pat and his helper pulled up all the flooring and it was still wet. It’s been more than a week since the flood. They couldn’t do the job because the new floor won’t stick where it’s wet. So I was left for another week, while it dried with sub floor in my kitchen and having to take another day off work to get it finished. In the end everything looks nice, but living for a week in such a state was really upsetting. Carla S

12/17/2017 We have used your company on two other occasions and have always loved the selection and service. When they called to schedule, we made a point to say they needed to be out of the house before sundown. We celebrate the other holiday in December. One of the men asked the other if he wanted him to grab him food from the truck. We heard him tell the man not to bring food into our home because ‘we were kosher’. We greatly appreciate your team respecting our faith while doing an outstanding job. Scott B

12/30/2017 First job with this company. Would use again. We are very busy during the week and could not close the office to have the floors done. We were leery with giving strangers a key to the office, but we came in Monday morning and absolutely love the new tile. Will be calling you when I need tile in my house. Jerri K

1/15/2018 The carpet is fine. I am happy with the carpet. I am not happy with the service from Arcade Carpet One. I took off work for this job. They were due at my house between 9 and 930. At 8:30 they call to say they have to come another day due to the snow. There was only 2 inches of snow and it was barely snowing. I had to take off a second day of work. Based on how long it took them (less than 3 hours) had they done the job the first day, they would have left my house in less than 4”. This isn’t preschool here folks, people work when it snows.

01/18/2018 Very professional and pleasant. I can tell Pat was experienced and knowledgeable with regards to our installation. This is very important. Delightful overall experience. S Sutton

02/28/2018 Pat was very congenial and did a great job Looking forward to hopefullay having Arcade recarpet out entire home. JB Baker

03/08/2018 Mike was very professional notify us when the installation got to start the big job. Pat was very good, professional and knowledgable. We love the floors, want to thank Lee as well for showing us different floors. We are happy we used Arcade Carpet One H & K Carmichael

03/18/2018 Corey layed our carpet, he is awesome! He’s great and knows his stuff. Wonderful guy. K Savoy

03/29/2018 Very Good RE Zellner

05/11/2018 They did a great job. Mark was very helpful, especially in working with our insurance company. C Cowles

05/14/2018 Outstanding! Careful, knowledgeable when moving furniture and putting back in place. Beautiful job! B & D McIntyre

05/20/2018 Mark was very pleasant & Helpful. He gave us Oriole bird Autographs for our grandsons, they loved it! Corey was a great installer. Very Neat, and careful with a recently painted walls. D Koch

05/24/2018 Corey and his helper were very good at installing carpet. A little disappointed with the shading on the carpet. I was expecting one shade but it shows darks and lights. S Stern

05/30/2018 Wonderful! Lee waited for me to get off work for our appointment, held the store open for me. Once again having Arcade put down a kitchen floor has been a success and pleasure. Cannot say enough about Scott. What a wonderful young man. His attention to detail in not only doing the job but making sure nothing got dinged or paint scratched was wonderful. Also attesting to Scotts merit, includes but is not limited to his heroically killing a very nasty looking and rather large black spider that had the audacity to take up residence on my powder room mirror. Thanks again Scott! Thanks Sunny for the pleasant phone call to set up the appointment. Again wonderful service, in a world where good service has all but gone out the window, in this day and age. B Mize

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